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I grew up in Jeffco and was a Jeffco public school student from K-12.  In elementary school we lived in a trailer park and my mom dropped me at a babysitter on her way to cutting hair in Olde Town Arvada.  Every morning my babysitter and I would walk to school at Lawrence Elementary. My Mom was thankful that she could choice me into a school near her work so she could be close by in case of an emergency. My dad worked nights but made time to be the PTA President, helped start a little league organization and coached my little league teams.  His example as an involved father made a huge impact on me and is a big reason I want to give back to our schools.

About Matt

After sixth grade I moved to Drake Junior High.  I was one of the last 9th grade classes to go to Junior High. After Drake I went to Arvada West High School; I graduated and later attended college. I have a Business Management degree and my professional life is focused on evaluating and improving the efficiency of large complex systems.

I had several great teachers along the way, but one that stands out in particular is Mrs. Mitchell.  She taught me skills I still appreciate today, cooking, balancing budgets, and many others.  The one thing I am most grateful for gaining in her class is the friendship that blossomed into a romance, with a beautiful lady who would become my future wife, Erin.  She is also a fellow Arvada West graduate. Erin attended Deane, Stevens and Swanson Elementary schools, North Arvada and Oberon Junior High and Arvada West High School. As a young girl, she was raised by a single mom, and like me attributes her success to her family and the great public education she received in Jeffco.


I have lived in Jeffco my entire life and my wife and I decided we want to raise our children here. We moved to the Fitzmorris neighborhood, a school that if 6th graders move to middle school may have under 300 students, putting it on the closure list of the current board. The possibility of having our neighborhood school close helped me realize it is time to become involved.


I have extremely deep roots and connections in Jefferson County and with Jeffco schools.  As the father of four children, ages 11 weeks to seven years, I am also deeply invested in the future of Jeffco Public Schools.  My children have a combined 50 years as students in Jefferson County schools, so yes, I am extremely invested and believe in Jeffco schools.  I want my children and all children in Jeffco to have access to the great education opportunities that my wife and I had.  Both of us grew up with challenges, it was access to a great education that helped prepare us to be independent adults raising four children.

I want to make sure every one of the nearly billion dollars Jeffco spends each year is going to help children have great opportunities. We need to make sure we have the very best teachers and staff so our students can succeed. We need to cut administration and focus dollars in the classroom. We need to allocate our funds to improve opportunities for all students.

My experience growing up in Jeffco; receiving all of my education in Jeffco public schools; and my commitment to the district’s successful future make me the perfect person to help make decisions for Jeffco’s future.

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